Nov. 21st, 2016 07:02 pm
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Day two of staying off the internet complete. I'm pretty twitchy about it, but it's still a good idea, and mom seems pleased with my productivity. I just want to go to bed, but it's 7 in the evening, which is not a reasonable time for sleep.

Hopefully being engaged in life will lead to good results to buoy my spirits soon. I'm still pretty worried about big picture stuff like money and business planning.

Big snow storm today, so mom and I hunkered down to eat up food in the fridge and not venture out on the roads, aside from a brief shopping trip for milk, bread, and eggs, which we couldn't do without.

Down to NYC for Thanksgiving this weekend, which will be a pleasant change. It's always relaxing being down there.
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Days in which I give up browsing the internet: 1

Days in which I feel good about my character: 1

I am tired, feeling pretty certain the internet thing is verging on or indeed an addictive behavior, pleased with the amount of work I have done, and tired.

Also my phone is fixed, so friends can reach me there. I'll figure out how to handle social media once I'm more confident my internet use is less pathological. I can also be reached by email at the usual addresses, and I'll get dreamwidth comments. I plan to write more, and work on my book, and work on my life and job and all those things that have been slipping.

One day at a time.


Nov. 12th, 2016 02:52 pm
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 I had a hard time getting started this morning, possibly because of cutting down on my afternoon caffeine. I should set up my tea machine for tomorrow morning. I've been doing a little better at keeping in touch with friends and family this week, at least in part because a lot of us are circling the wagons.

There's some stuff going on in social media I'm not quite clear on - angry liberals and defensive conservatives, as far as I can tell, but I'm only catching the edges of the arguments/discussion so I don't think I'm following. I've been spending my time thinking about arguing in good faith, honoring the office of the President, and what Trump's agenda is likely to literally be, given that his word cannot be trusted. 

My brother and my mother's ongoing conflict about his girlfriend continues. He seems to be under pressure to commit early, hard, and fast, and mom's a convenient scapegoat given that she's happy to say that's stupid. 

I've met with a second therapist this week and I don't know what I thought of him. He seemed to be giving me answers by rote, so it felt rather impersonal. The other therapist I talked to was a little wishy-washy, but I felt like she successfully got inside my head. He seemed more focused on the mechanics - am I drinking too much tea, etc. 

How are y'all? 

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S., mom, E&E and me are home for the weekend. Mom was away for two weeks in NYC and England. I've been having a hard time with anxiety, so I'm interviewing therapists. I've talked to one, and I have two on my list to talk to. 

I'm following the election loosely, but I'm not worried. Work is going poorly. I need to get my phone fixed.

Three good things:
1. Chamomile tea.
2. Autumn leaves.
3. My brother is having a good week traveling around China.  
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Worked last weekend, but took yesterday entirely off. Slept a full ten hours starting at a reasonable time, woke up feeling rested. That's progress. i'm still pretty high stress because of work and money stuff, but I'm managing it. 

Did my weekly phone calls to keep in touch with people. Working through my to do list now. Swimming is going well.
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 Content note: domestic abuse and violence themes, mixed with bad BDSM practices. And, I suppose, dark humor.

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This week:

Work is going a little better than it was.

I started trying Airbnb, and have had three sets of guests so far: a French man and a Chinese woman from Tianjing, a couple who were hiking the Appalachian Trail, and a lady cop from New York up for the weekend to go to a concert.

Not as much writing as I want, not doing the career stuff I should be, but I'm feeling less socially isolated and I've gone swimming four times this week. Plus walking. 
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 This weekend E1, S's daughter, came to visit with her new boyfriend T. I like him! He's pretty intense, but he's clever and active. They left for a bike race this morning. S (mom's boyfriend) is still here and we're all talking foreign exchange rates and bank regulations. I adore my family. 

Lots to do today. 

Week plan

Aug. 7th, 2016 12:56 pm
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  • Writing: 500-800 words daily.
  • Editing: 20 minutes daily.
  • Career work/planning: 20 minutes daily.
  • Exercise: 10 minutes daily, swim 3 times.  
  • Read a book. 
  • Write 3 Tapestry entries, increase buffer to twice a month for three months.
  • Work on anxiety habits and triggers.
  • Start short story for publication.
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